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Just watching other people's swings won't lead to improvement!

Look at your own swing!

  1. A golf swing utilizes approximately 95% of the muscles in the body simultaneously.

  2. To achieve an accurate swing, it is necessary to input precise movements to each muscle.

  3. Mindlessly practicing without focus is the greatest enemy of muscle memory, as it becomes difficult to discern what to remember.

The key to improvement is to carefully hit each shot, repeating and analyzing one's own swing, while paying attention to every detail.


Filming myself during swing practice is too much of a hassle!

Try AI swing practice supporting APP:



Auto Capture

Place your iPhone in front or side, press start. That simple.


Empowered by the cutting edge AI technology, Golf Vision could recognize exactly which step you are at, and save your swing video precisely from address to finish, no more no less.

Also gestures could be recognized to tag your swing as nice or bad, greatly helping to find that one swing you concerned about.


Instructive Guidelines

In collaboration with golf teaching professionals, we use our latest image processing technology to conclude quite a few guidelines which could help to analyze your body motion accurately, numerically, and consistently.

This helps to find the points to improve easier with more confidence.

Swing Compares

It might be hard to tell the progress when you are moving forward little by little. By utilizing our swing compare feature, it will be much easier to find the difference of you and your target, today and yesterday.

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APP Pricing


Free Plan

  • Unlimited auto capture  and playback

  • ​1 free guideline (Gravity Trace)

  • 11 guideline views per day

  • Limited guideline views in swing compare

PRO Plan

US$ 9.99 /mo
 or ​$ 109.99 / yr
  • Unlimited auto capture and playback

  • All guidelines are available

  • Unlimited guideline views

  • Unlimited guideline views in swing compare

GolfVision for Classroom

  • 2iPhones+2monitors.

  • Free combination with any launch monitor.

  • All parts come from amazon.

  • No construction required.

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